My Goals for January 2021

It’s here! It’s here! January’s here! Not only is January the first month of the new year, it’s also my favorite month. There’s nothing I love quite like the start of a new year, especially when it also lines up with my birthday month.

Since it’s the beginning of the month, it’s time to layout my plan for working towards my goals this month. Some of my goals are things I plan to do every month, and some things I’ll need to accomplish one little piece at a time. If you don’t see a goal from my 2021 goals list, it’ll come along later this year. Everything in good time 🙂

Monthly Goals to Accomplish

  • Earn a CEU or take a class
    • This month: Critical Care Skills Update
  • Keep up with my blog for goal and progress tracking
    • This month: I have 4 blog posts scheduled
  • Go to a group fitness class
    • This month: CSU STRONG Nation
  • Try two new restaurants
    • This month: Zhug & Lakewood Food Trucks
  • Explore somewhere new
    • This month: Skiing!
  • Make a 15-minute video
  • Reach out to one person to make plans
  • Go on weekly date nights

Big Goals to Work Towards

  • Graduate with my BSN
    • Start 2 new classes
    • Complete school work in 1-2 days a week
  • Find a budget system at works
    • Try using You Need a Budget (YNAB) and report numbers daily
    • Update the main budget at the end of the month
    • Complete one class about using YNAB
  • Pay off student loans in my name
    • Pay off $1,000
    • Work 16 hours of overtime to help earn extra money to meet payment goal
  • Learn to style my hair quickly and well
    • Blow dry my hair every time I wash it
  • Train the dogs
    • Look into dog training classes and create a list with five options
  • Read 90 books
    • Read 6 books
  • Learn to eat intuitively
    • Read the book Intuitive Eating
  • Shop local when possible
    • This is one I’m still struggling with, but for this month I am going to focus on finding places I can shop
    • Make a list of 15 local Cleveland shops I would like to visit this year that I believe have items I may need (or want)

I’ll check back in at the end of the month to let you know how I do! Expect weekly posts as I share what I’m learning and doing as I work to make 2021 my best year yet.

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